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Looking for a lawn care company in Burlington, Wisconsin? Call Season’s Greenings! We offer hassle-free, high-quality lawn care Burlington homeowners & businesses can trust. Our landscaping pros will go the distance to keep your lawn healthy and well-manicured. We’d be happy to build a seasonal lawn care plan that helps your grass & plants thrive. Give us a call to get an estimate on lawn care services for your residential or commercial property. We’ll work diligently to make your lawn care & landscaping investment well worthwhile.

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Lawn Care Company Near Burlington, Wisconsin

Lawn Care Maintenance & Seasonal Contracts

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Service in Burlington, Wisconsin

Season’s Greenings is the best choice for lawn care in Burlington, Wisconsin. Our lawn care maintenance packages include weekly mowing, trimming & blowing. We’ll keep your residential or commercial property looking its best throughout the warmer seasons by showing up when scheduled, and leaving when the job is done to your satisfaction.

We also offer superior seasonal lawn care services to keep your lawn healthy, growing, and beautiful. From the application of fertilizer to lawn aeration and bed edging, our pros make sure your landscape is properly cared for. We’ll evaluate your property to develop a customized lawn care plan that promotes growth and combats weeds.

Schedule Spring Lawn Care in Burlington

As the ground begins to thaw and winter comes to an end, it’s time to schedule spring lawn care in Burlington, Wisconsin. At Season’s Greenings, our spring lawn care services are designed to promote growth and set the foundation for your lawn to thrive throughout the summer months. Depending on your needs, you can expect a combination of the following services this spring:

  • Fertilization – our first fertilization treatment is applied in April.
  • Insect Control – around the same time, we can treat your lawn with insecticide to prevent pesky insects like white grubs, sod webworms, and chinch bugs.
  • Overseeding – if you’ve got bare or thin areas in your lawn, we can overseed them to promote new grass growth.
  • Core Aeration – aeration is vital to the health of lawns that suffer from soil compaction or thatch buildup.
  • Bedwork – we’ll take care of your landscape beds too, with edging and mulching services.
  • Mowing – once your grass starts growing, we’ll be there to mow your lawn weekly!

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Fall Lawn Care & Cleanup in Burlington, Wisconsin

Autumn often comes early in Wisconsin. When summer is coming to an end, it’s time to schedule your fall lawn care service. If Season’s Greenings is managing your seasonal lawn care needs, you already have a fall program in place. We will continue our normal lawn maintenance service (mowing & trimming) until cooler weather has stopped grass growth. In October, the final fertilizer treatment for the year will be applied to help strengthen your root system and prepare it for winter. If you have a thatch problem, we will also aerate your lawn. You can count on Season’s Greenings for fall cleanup services too. Our professionals will remove any leaves and debris to keep your lawn clean until snow falls.

If you’re getting quotes on fall lawn care services in Burlington, Wisconsin; make us your first call!

Fertilization & Weed Control

Fertilization & Weed Control Programs Burlington, Wisconsin

The health of your lawn is very important. If your soil is lacking the nutrients for growth, your landscape will be hard and more brown than green. Our fertilization & weed control services are perfectly formulated to keep your grass beautiful and lush.

We offer 6-application and 7-application programs that keep your landscape looking its best. Both programs include slow-release granular fertilizer & liquid weed control applications. The 7-application program also includes a granular insecticide application.

Bed Maintenance

Landscape Bed Maintenance Burlington, Wisconsin

Our Burlington lawn care services include bed maintenance.

In mid-late spring, we’ll mulch your garden & landscape beds (if necessary/desired). Mulching is important for a number of reasons. Mulch locks moisture into the soil and helps to keep the soil cool. It also controls weeds and improves the overall look of garden beds.

Our bed maintenance services also include bed edging. We’ll edge your beds in the spring and then as often as needed throughout the summer. How often you need to edge your landscape beds depends on the design & use of the bed. Bed edges that are well defined (like those with an elevated brick border) will need to be edged less often compared to bed edges that share a border with grass.

Lawn Renovation Services

Lawn Renovation Services Burlington, Wisconsin

Are you having issues with your lawn? We can help! Whether it has yellow & brown patches, thatch buildup, overgrowth, or something else entirely, our pros can help determine the problem and rejuvenate your lawn. We’ll evaluate your landscape to come up with a plan that includes all the maintenance your lawn needs. Our Lawn Renovation Services often include de-thatching (core aeration or power raking), fertilizing, seeding, and/or fungus treatment.

Mosquito & Tick Control

Mosquito Control Services Burlington, Wisconsin

Do you enjoy spending time in your yard? Whether you have a patio, outdoor living area, pool, or simply a sprawling property that you like to roam, our pros can help you control mosquitos & ticks. In fact, the products and applications we use will rid your property of several other insects too, including ants, wasps, Japanese beetles, and more. We’re also concerned about the safety of your children and pets; that’s why we use EPA approved products.

Make Season’s Greenings your first choice for mosquito & tick control services in Burlington, Wisconsin. Give us a call to learn about our mosquito control programs & to get a quote.

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If you have questions or would like to get an estimate on yard maintenance or landscaping work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’d love to tell you more about our services or costs. Give us a call at 262-721-8917 or contact us online.