Enjoy Your Backyard This Summer – Offering Mosquito & Tick Control Services in Southeast Wisconsin

Mosquito Control Services SE Wisconsin

Keep your yard mosquito free this summer – Season’s Greenings can help! We offer mosquito & tick control services in Union Grove, Waterford, Burlington, Paddock Lake, Twin Lakes, Salem, Pleasant Prairie, Mount Pleasant, & the surrounding Southeast Wisconsin areas. Our mosquito control applications will not only kill the existing pests within your yard & lawn, they’ll prevent new insects from making your property their home too.

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Mosquito Free Lawn for Outdoor Entertaining

Application Programs

We have three mosquito & tick control programs for you to choose from:

  • Max Protection Program (we’ll spray your property every 3 weeks from May – September)
  • Monthly Program (we’ll spray your property once a month (5 times in total) between May & September)
  • Summer Program (we’ll spray your property once a month (3 times in total) between June & August)
Tick Control within Lawns for Outdoor Activities

Better Products, Better Results

Worried about toxic chemicals affecting your loved ones? So are we! That’s why we use EPA approved pest control products that are safe to use around children and pets.

The liquid application we use lasts 3-4 weeks. We’ll spray grass, bushes, and other landscaped areas of your property. On top of controlling mosquitoes & ticks, the products we use also help control insects like ants, hornets, wasps, Japanese beetles, and more.

Safe, Mosquito & Tick Free Lawns Throughout Southeast Wisconsin

Get a Free Estimate

We offer a no-charge evaluation of your property to determine problem areas and the best plan of attack. Give us a call to discuss a quote for your property.

We strive to keep our prices reasonable. Estimates are calculated based on your location & the square footage of the property/areas you want sprayed.

More About our Mosquito Control Services

Mosquitos and ticks are more than just a nuisance – both can carry diseases harmful to you and your family. These diseases include Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus. For these reasons, it’s important to choose the best lawn care service that can help deter ticks or mosquitos from snacking on you and your loved ones. A barrier spray treatment for your lawn is the most popular choice. This will target the perimeter of your lawn, as well as focusing on places mosquitos and ticks like to hide.

Ticks prefer to congregate in tall grass, wood-piles, under ground cover, and shrubs. Anywhere areas that are moist and humid are prime tick habitats. Mosquitoes congregate around sources of standing water, as well as cool, shady spots.

It’s impossible to eradicate every single mosquito and tick from your property – no company can promise 100% protection. However, our products and prevention techniques work. So you can enjoy an almost completely mosquito & tick free yard this summer.

If you’re looking for seasonal coverage, we’ll work out a monthly schedule for spraying. You don’t have to be home for the application process. Our professionals will arrive when promised and leave proper notification that your property has been treated. We’re also happy to offer one-time spraying services, perfect for clearing mosquitoes from your property for an outdoor party.

How does it work? It’s actually fairly simply. We utilize high quality products that offer thorough coverage of your grass and landscaping. The mosquitoes and ticks already living on your lawn will die. Any new mosquitoes that visit your property will be killed as soon as they land on the residue left behind by spraying.

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