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Lawn Care Services Pleasant Prairie, WI

Season’s Greenings is the best choice for lawn care services in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Our knowledgeable team will work hard to ensure your yard is properly cared for. That means showing up when scheduled and developing a lawn maintenance plan that is customized to your property’s specific needs, be that mowing, weeding, pest control, or any of the many other services our pros offer.

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Lawn Maintenance Pleasant Prairie

Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance contracts help keep your Pleasant Prairie property well-manicured all summer long. We will be there weekly to mow your lawn, trim shrubs & bushes, and cleanup after ourselves.

Seasonal Lawn Care in Pleasant Prairie, WI

Seasonal Care

The needs of your lawn change with the seasons. We offer seasonal lawn care services that promote grass growth, control weeds and bugs, as well as keeping your plants and garden beds in great condition.

Lawn Renovation Services Pleasant Prairie

Lawn Renovation

We can assist in rejuvenating your dead or overgrown yard. Whether your lawn is in need of new grass growth, cleanup of an unkempt or overgrown lawn, treatment of lawn fungus, controlling insects, or weed removal, we can help with your lawn renovation.

Spring Lawn Care Services

When it comes to the health and beauty of your lawn, spring is the most important time of year. If you have compacted soil, core aeration will be necessary to allow for water, air, fertilizer, and other nutrients to reach the roots, which encourages a stronger root system; necessary for your lawn to thrive. In April, the first round of fertilization treatments will be administered, we can also apply insecticides for controlling pests that could damage your lawn. For areas of your yard that are bare or sparsely covered, we can overseed (plant grass seed directly into existing turf) to help promote new grass growth. Garden bedwork, such as edging and mulching, will also be performed if you have landscaped beds. Last but not least, we will begin our weekly mowing service as soon as your grass starts to grow in the spring.

If you’re ready to schedule spring lawn care, call us!

Fall Lawn Care Pleasant Prairie, WI

Season’s Greenings provides fall lawn care services to homeowners & businesses in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

If you already have a seasonal lawn care contract with Season’s Greenings, then your lawn will be on our schedule for fall services.

We will do a final application of weed control at the end of summer. As fall begins, we will apply a final treatment of fertilizer, as well as aerate your lawn if needed. Our pros will continue regular lawn maintenance (mowing, trimming, & blowing) until it is no longer needed for the season. We will cleanup and remove any leaves during the fall too, keeping your lawn looking beautiful.

Interested in fall lawn care & cleanup services in Pleasant Prairie? Give us a call at 262-721-8917to get a quote for your property.

Superior Lawn Fertilization Services

We offer two superior Turf Programs that promote root health and grass growth. The Season’s Greenings 6-application program includes four applications of slow-release granular fertilizer – that properly feeds your lawn long term – and two liquid weed control applications. Our 7-application program includes one granular insecticide application as well.

Our professionals will help you determine which program is best suited for your lawn, based on any weed and insect problems you have. Our goal is to protect your lawn from weeds – like crabgrass, insects – like chinch bugs, and anything else that may harm or kill your grass and plant life. Be sure to protect your lawn by choosing Season’s Greenings for Fertilization & Weed Control Services.

Pleasant Prairie Fertilization & Weed Control Programs

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